For years, I've run
and used My blackmail page to reveal
the dirtiest secrets of each person that
paid the deposit to be there until they could afford their buyout,
or posted forever the chaps that got into agreements and didn't pay.
The percentage of new blackmailers & payments
waned over the years, and I can no longer justify
offering blackmail services just to support the
wack-off habits of a bunch of cheap vainglorious blackmail fetishists.
Too much of the traffic became nonpaying wankers too chicken shit
to bother to even gift Me anonymously much less pay for services (or even their own contracts), so this page is officially closed unless needed in the future.

And remember- I don't now, nor did I ever care what you want.
The customer this fetish attracts is rarely worth the trouble.



DO NOT Contacting Me About Blackmail
without paying the Stupid Questions Fee FIRST.
My Frequently Asked Questions page covers all!



Have you jerked off to this website?
Are you jerking off right now, pig?
This must be paid once for each time.