The Cult Of Persephone

Consider Me to be a pack leader for wayward souls.
A true Princess in every sense of the word, capable of maintaining the true balance
between sensuality, enviable charm, genuine professionalism,
and fierce vengeance when necessary.
Those that give their lives over to their Princess can remain in the inner circle,
guided with their troubles and lead to be the best subjects they can be.

I have lead My whole life, even before realizing that's what I was doing.
I use My charm, wit, intelligence, and ability to quickly get under people's skin 
to collect young men, ready to support and lust after everything 
they could ever dream of having to themselves.

I have spent the last dozen years letting perfect strangers
get to know my sexual deviances,
and wrapping men just like you around My little finger professionally.

You've been wasting your life.
It belongs to Me now.


Tens of thousands of pitiful little worms whisper about how quickly I can ruin them.
My blackmail list is a mile long, and I have no heart to be pleaded with.
I'm nearly 32, 5'5, 250 lbs, and have amazing curves worthy of worshipping.
I am, above all, a PROFESSIONAL, though I deeply enjoy what I do 
and every aspect of it, as the most satisfying possible way to ruin a man
is to rip his hard-earned money from his hands in addition to
insisting upon his full surrender at One's feet.

Your worthless ass should adopt my bills and thank Me for it. If you are looking for a nice, sweet, loving girl to have a sexual & romantic vanilla & BDSM relationship with, I am not the one for you. I am here to allow you the experience of worshiping a true Princess who will only give you rewards when you've earned them. If you are lucky, I will let you buy Worship Items off of me such as panties, socks, shoes, toenail clippings, foods, trash, my subby girlfriend's panties, boyfriend's used condoms, etc.


My greatest love by far will NEVER be you, or any other person- it's travel and adventure! You are just a pathetic little tool to get Me as many luxuries as possible. To sponsor a trip I have in mind, click below to spoil My harem & I.